15 abril 2008

Miss Magic, you musn't be through the smoke

Miss Magic woke up that morning feeling her eyes against her - they didn’t want to be opened. She set in the bed and looked at her feet, completely unsatisfied.

- Okay, today we can walk a bit, darlin’

She was alone, again. She put herself in her knees and her mind interposes her feelings – it’s not time to cry.

She stared at herself likeness in the mirror. She pities the world by having her around. Everything was unpronounceable. Big shadows around the eyes, she better doesn’t have the sense of smell, the room was terribly stinking. So she does.

The despair of her soul softy went away. She opts to don’t hate herself for what she had being these times. She opposes destiny with some optimism and thought:

- Go ahead, Amy… Things are just going to get better.

And yes, she knew she had everything in hands.

I want you to see, Amy... Listen to your voice while you're talking, deep breathe while you're writing, do you still remember how did you do it in Frank? You are the same girl in the melody, but where have you get these lyrics from? Oh, what are you thinking about life? I want you to be grown, exactly like you think you already are, but you're not.

Sleep again - you can dream, you can be yourself and everyone who cares for you will still loving you.

Take care.
I love you.
Yes, I really do.

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